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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Book Redia: Darkness without End

Book Redia: Darkness without End: Léon Chevalier’s life changes when he arrives north to the township of Bennett with his newlywed wife Joliette. Together they uncover a da...

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Book Redia: Darkness without End

Book Redia: Darkness without End: Léon Chevalier’s life changes when he arrives north to the township of Bennett with his newlywed wife Joliette.

Book Redia: Darkness without End

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Here's the cover I designed for the vampire story set in the Klondike of the late 1800s.


Invited north by his estranged friend and instructor, Pastor Léon Chevalier and his newlywed wife Joliette learn that the region is plagued by vampires. On a quest for answers they assemble a group to help uncover the Bishop’s reason behind his unholy pact with the devil.

Book Redia: Darkness without End: Léon Chevalier’s life changes when he arrives north to the township of Bennett with his newlywed wife Joliette.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

On December the 24th 2015 I loaded up on Amazon a dark ghost story I wrote over ten years ago. The final eBook came to an estimated 245 pages (79,450 words), and it was graciously edited by Joe Goodwill. It has certainly had been a labor of love.

Jonah the Wolf is about a blood-thirsty spirit on the prowl. But once he had tasted life as a mortal he will do anything it takes to return to his former glory, even if it means destroying a newlywed family that has bought the old estate he had built in a former life. I wrote the story for adults, but I think today's young adult might also enjoy the story.

I hope you take the chance to check it out. It's available on Amazon and through various eBook vendors (thanks to Smashwords). But only these two will allow a free sample to read from.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

I haven't been here for a long while. I mostly hang out at Pinterest or Facebook doing my usual shit.
But today I'm very happy. Today I have my edited science fiction eBook "Rusted Remains" loaded up and for sale on smashwords. I first had it available on Amazon, but I have high hopes of getting it on Google Books soon enough.

Here is the new cover update.
I wanted to touch-up the old one I had designed for me and take it up a notch. Give it a bit of wear and grunge to it.

I have my new ebook finished... sort of. I need to hire an editor to proof read it and because the book is  137,369 words, it isn't going to be cheap. No one said being talented and poor was going to be an easy climb out.

This story I really like and put about 2-3 years into writing. I try to keep these eBooks interesting for both adults and for the kids. Unlike the three horror stories I have yet to do a second draft on.
I need to save up my coins and get this baby out.

That is, if any one cares to read any of these damn things.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sept 2012 Update

It's been a long time since I've logged on.
I usually am on Facebook, or Pinterest, so dedicating any time on my blog is kind of moot.
So far my upcoming e-novel "The Dragon Emissary" is coming along. I finished the 1st draft and now on the 2nd draft (Chapter 20 as of Sept 12th). It's a total of 60 chapters and it's over 100,00 words.
Like my other e-novel "Rusted Remains" (available on Amazon), is for teen to young adult .

Digital Book Cover
This cover wouldn't be possible without the creative talent of Matt Andrews.
He did a fantastic job. Thanks again Matt.

I guess while I'm here, I should mention that on myfonts I've just set all of my fonts to be available as web fonts. I'm not sure when it comes into effect, but usually within a few business days. So if you need some web fonts, come and check my stuff out.

You can visit the site or join me (or subscribe) on my own FB font page for info updates and whatnot.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

As of August of 2011, I finished my first sci-fi e-book and published it on all three Amazon sites.The e-book originally is for male readers aged teen to young adult who loves science fantasy.

Here is a brief summary of my e-book:
Imagine a world without humans, a place where only machines ruled. Corrode (a relic cyborg with a human past) drifts aimlessly through a ruined colony ship, searching for a purpose. Hunted for answers he does not have; a motley crew of machines bent on saving the world rescues him from deletion. Together they must save Arkus-12 from destruction. Can Corrode learn from the past in time to save their future?

I have a free issue available to bloggers willing to read the novel and give a fair response, but so far…no takers. I will not give up!

Also, I have two free chapters available for those who just want to read a sample before buying it.

Detailed Synopsis and Characters link bellow:


The link to purchase the kindle e-book, or read the first two chapters FREE!

Before next I will have a printed book available illustrations throughout.

If the books does better in sales I want to do a graphic novel of the story.

Sept 2011

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Canadian Artist – Mickey Sylvestre

Welcome to My blog.

I started drawing at age six and from there I continued developing my interests in the arts. In my late twenties I started taking a few fine art classes and ended graduating from College with a diploma in the graphic and visual arts field. Over the years I've developed this painting series you see in my Sylvestre Studios gallery. My painting style is a hybrid derivation of Australian (Papunya Tula or “Dot-Art”), Mayan, Aztec and ancient Egyptian artwork. I hope you tell others to come and see some more of my work as it grows over time.

Some sites I sell through sell high quality framed and matted prints like: http://www.imagekind.com/ .

Come and view my collection of work:

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