I have a driving passion to create and share it to a viewing audience. I am proud to show you just a small fraction of my life’s work. Please continue your quest and enjoy.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Canadian Artist – Mickey Sylvestre

Welcome to My blog.

I started drawing at age six and from there I continued developing my interests in the arts. In my late twenties I started taking a few fine art classes and ended graduating from College with a diploma in the graphic and visual arts field. Over the years I've developed this painting series you see in my Sylvestre Studios gallery. My painting style is a hybrid derivation of Australian (Papunya Tula or “Dot-Art”), Mayan, Aztec and ancient Egyptian artwork. I hope you tell others to come and see some more of my work as it grows over time.

Some sites I sell through sell high quality framed and matted prints like: http://www.imagekind.com/ .

Come and view my collection of work:

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