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Sunday, September 25, 2011

As of August of 2011, I finished my first sci-fi e-book and published it on all three Amazon sites.The e-book originally is for male readers aged teen to young adult who loves science fantasy.

Here is a brief summary of my e-book:
Imagine a world without humans, a place where only machines ruled. Corrode (a relic cyborg with a human past) drifts aimlessly through a ruined colony ship, searching for a purpose. Hunted for answers he does not have; a motley crew of machines bent on saving the world rescues him from deletion. Together they must save Arkus-12 from destruction. Can Corrode learn from the past in time to save their future?

I have a free issue available to bloggers willing to read the novel and give a fair response, but so far…no takers. I will not give up!

Also, I have two free chapters available for those who just want to read a sample before buying it.

Detailed Synopsis and Characters link bellow:


The link to purchase the kindle e-book, or read the first two chapters FREE!

Before next I will have a printed book available illustrations throughout.

If the books does better in sales I want to do a graphic novel of the story.

Sept 2011

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