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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sept 2012 Update

It's been a long time since I've logged on.
I usually am on Facebook, or Pinterest, so dedicating any time on my blog is kind of moot.
So far my upcoming e-novel "The Dragon Emissary" is coming along. I finished the 1st draft and now on the 2nd draft (Chapter 20 as of Sept 12th). It's a total of 60 chapters and it's over 100,00 words.
Like my other e-novel "Rusted Remains" (available on Amazon), is for teen to young adult .

Digital Book Cover
This cover wouldn't be possible without the creative talent of Matt Andrews.
He did a fantastic job. Thanks again Matt.

I guess while I'm here, I should mention that on myfonts I've just set all of my fonts to be available as web fonts. I'm not sure when it comes into effect, but usually within a few business days. So if you need some web fonts, come and check my stuff out.

You can visit the site or join me (or subscribe) on my own FB font page for info updates and whatnot.

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