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Sunday, December 01, 2013

I haven't been here for a long while. I mostly hang out at Pinterest or Facebook doing my usual shit.
But today I'm very happy. Today I have my edited science fiction eBook "Rusted Remains" loaded up and for sale on smashwords. I first had it available on Amazon, but I have high hopes of getting it on Google Books soon enough.

Here is the new cover update.
I wanted to touch-up the old one I had designed for me and take it up a notch. Give it a bit of wear and grunge to it.

I have my new ebook finished... sort of. I need to hire an editor to proof read it and because the book is  137,369 words, it isn't going to be cheap. No one said being talented and poor was going to be an easy climb out.

This story I really like and put about 2-3 years into writing. I try to keep these eBooks interesting for both adults and for the kids. Unlike the three horror stories I have yet to do a second draft on.
I need to save up my coins and get this baby out.

That is, if any one cares to read any of these damn things.

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